It’s tough for everybody to kick back, have some drinks, and party the night away when someone always has to drive. Wouldn’t it be fun if no one had to drive home, everyone could ride together, and the party kept going, even from one place to the next?

Party bus rentals make that possible. They come in different sizes, some large enough to accommodate big groups. If you do a “party bus near me” search, you’ll find companies with party buses for rent. Go to their websites, check out their inventory, along with their party bus prices, and find one that works for your bus group.

Once you’ve made your choice, you need to start thinking about what fun things you can do aboard the party bus. That’s where we come in. We’re giving you 10 epic party bus ideas right here. Read on to find out what they are.

Karaoke Night

Most charter bus companies have party buses with high-quality sound systems. Some even have karaoke machines for their buses. You can host a full-blown karaoke competition on the party bus on the way to a concert or a sporting event.

Make sure you check with the party bus company to find out if there are buses available with good sound systems and to see if you need to bring your own karaoke machine. You can even choose a prize for your sing-off champion.

Themed Parties

Pick a theme for your party bus excursion. Tell everyone to come dressed to fit the theme. Decorate the inside of the bus to match the theme, too. This is a good one for bachelorette/bachelor parties. Here are some good party theme options:

  • Pajamas
  • Decades
  • Mardi Gras
  • Superheroes
  • Notorious historical figures

Murder Mystery

Who doesn’t love a good mystery? This is one of our favorite ideas. It will take some planning but will definitely give you and your guests a night to remember.

The whole thing can take place on the bus, or you can make stops where clues are located. You can even incorporate costumes into this for next-level fun.

Dance Party

You’ll want a party bus with a kicking sound system. It’s a good option when you’re making stops along the way. Your dance party continues between every stop.

Game Night

You can play all sorts of games on a party bus. Bring along trivia games, card games, guessing games, and more.

Some games don’t even require anything to play. Games like charades, telephone, and license plate scavenger hunts are all played without equipment.

What’s In the Bag

This is a super fun idea for bachelorette parties. One person is designated as a caller and makes a list of things needed. Guests are separated into two teams. When an item is called out, everyone goes to their purses or other bags and tries to find that item. The person who finds it first gives it to the caller and scores a point for their team.

Make it more fun by putting some unexpected items on the list. You may reveal some interesting things about your friends.

Truth or Dare

Most of us have played this game before. When it’s your turn, you decide if you want to tell a truth or do a dare. If you choose truth, another player asks you a question that you must answer. If you choose dare, you have to do whatever it is they dare you to do. This game is sure to get a lot of laughs.

Two Truths and a Lie

This game is often very revealing. It reveals things about you people may not know. It also reveals how well some people know each other.

When it’s your turn, you tell everyone two truths about you and one lie. The group then has to decide which of the three is the lie. You may find out you don’t know some of your friends as well as you thought!

Adult Coloring

Adult coloring books come in all sorts of themes and styles. Get some with fun themes that match the type of crowd coming on the bus. Go with something a little risque if it’s a bachelorette party. You can even make it a coloring contest with a prize for the winner to make it more fun.

Eat, Drink, ; Be Merry

A party bus is, essentially, a moving party room. You can bring an entire party onto the bus. Plan to have a food spread for everyone to enjoy. Here’s a list of good party bus foods:

  • Pizza
  • Quesadillas
  • Veggie tray
  • Fruit tray
  • Chips and dip
  • Wings
  • Cookies
  • Breads
  • Meat and cheese platter

A small bar is a good idea, too. Make sure you clear it with the party bus rental company. Plan to have the ingredients for select drinks ahead of time. Make good use of the space by choosing drinks with some of the same ingredients.

This party bus idea pairs well with most of the others, too.

Is a Party Bus the Same Thing as a Charter Bus or Tour Bus?

Technically, a party bus is the same thing as a charter bus but with differences inside. A charter bus is one rented to transport a private group to a specific location. The seats in a charter bus look just like a regular bus, though. They’re positioned in rows with an aisle up the middle.

A party bus and a tour bus are not the same things. Party buses are rented by private parties. The riders are invited by a host. A tour bus is booked by several different parties to see the sights and drive popular routes.


Celebrating a special occasion on a party bus is certain to give you and all of your guests a night to remember. Everyone can ride together, no one has to step up as the designated driver, and the party possibilities are endless. So, book a party bus for your next event and let the good times roll!