Whether is a birthday party, a bachelor or bachelorette party, a trip to an event, or just a chance to have someone else drive, a party bus is a super fun way to travel to your destination.

There is a huge variety of types of party rentals available, and almost every city you can think of has a local party bus vendor that can help you cruise around the neighborhood in style.


So whether you need a large bus for your entire football team or an intimate party bus for a selection of close friends, there’s an almost endless selection of buses that can cater to your wants and desires.


What Fun Things Can I Do On a Party Bus?

Well, the main activity on any party bus is drinking. But even if you don’t drink there are still loads of fun things to do on a party bus that doesn’t require alcohol.


Party buses usually cater to specific activities or interests. Some have a dance floor, whilst others have tables for card games. The sky is the limit and party bus suppliers will usually bend over backward to meet your needs.


If you feel spoilt for choice and unsure of what you want from your party bus, here are a few ideas to help you get the party started!


1.    Choose an Epic Theme

The theme of your bus really set the tone for the rest of the night. If you already have an idea in mind, then great! If not then here are some popular choices:


  • Laser tag  – always a classic theme for a birthday or stag do
  • Classic 80’s – rock out in style to some old school favorites
  • Fiesta Fiesta! – grab a sombrero with a spicey Mexican theme
  • Roll out the Red Carpet –  Hit the Champers in style with a Hollywood theme
  • Belle of the Ball – Add a little mystery with a masquerade party theme!



2.    Plan Fun Activities

There’s nothing wrong with hitting the road in your party bus with just a few drinks and some great mates, but a few activities thrown in can make your party bus a night to remember!


  • Art attack – Don all white and paint your mates!
  • Quiz night – A round of trivial pursuit or a quiz can really kick start the fun
  • Dance Party – Burn up the dancefloor, or flex your stuff on a dance pole!
  • Karaoke – A party bus classic. Belt out those tunes and get in the mood for your big night out!
  • Games Galore – Do your best impressions with classic parlor games like charades



3.    What Can I Take on a Party Bus?

Almost anything! So long as what you want to bring aboard isn’t dangerous or exceeds the weight limit, most party bus providers will let you customize your trip as much as you want.


  • Drinking games – you can either bring your own drinks or include them in the price of your bus rental. Either way, fun drinking games are a great way to start the night
  • Cocktail Making Kits – Make some cheeky cocktails during your ride, a  little tricky on a moving bus, but that’s half the fun!
  • Party Bus Buffet – Grab your favorite foods and snack on the go!
  • Dress Up! – Funny mustaches, ridiculous hats, and garish glasses are always a fun addition to any party bus!
  • Decorate – Wow your guests with your very own customized party bus decorated with items of your choice.


4.    What Kind of Party Buses Are For Rent?

There are various types of buses that are better suited to some activities over others. The main type of busses hired for parties are


  • Charter buses
  • Minibusses
  • Entertainer Buses
  • Traditional Party Buses
  • Double Decker Buses

Charter Bus

Charter buses are large passenger vehicles that can eat anywhere between 30 and 60 people, so they are great if you have a large crowd on the move.


Private charter buses can come equipped with TVs, reclining chairs, wifi, and power outlets. Some even let you take alcoholic drinks on board.


Mini Bus

Usually used as a tour bus, minibusses are similar to charter buses in that they accommodate up to 35 people and come equipped with TVs, DVD players, and power outlets.


Mini-buses are great for small gatherings, like getting your wedding party to a venue. Decorate your bus, take some drinks, and arrive at your destination refreshed and ready to go!


Entertainer Bus

Entertainer buses fall somewhere between practical transportation and luxury caravan. They are popular with the rich and famous and provide enough room for a group of 12 to eat, sleep and play!

Party Bus

The traditional party bus is mostly open space with one long sofa on either side. They vary in size and can cater to a group of 10 to 50!


Most buses have fiber-optic party lights, a dancefloor, beverage coolers, a TV and can accommodate almost any party theme.


Double Decker Bus

Traditionally a form of public transport for the British, double-decker buses are two-story buses that have recently become a popular as party buses, especially children’s parties!


Although they have two stories they are narrow and can accommodate around 20 – 30 people for party travel.



5.    Where Can I Go on a Party Bus?

The main point of a party bus is the destination! Here are some fun party venues that you and your guest can travel to on your fun-filled party bus!


Whether home or abroad, you’ll likely find a party bus vendor that caters to your needs and will create a party atmosphere to match your choice of venue.


  • Las Vegas – The party capital. Las Vegas is a great final stop for your moving party!
  • A Wedding – Instead of a traditional limousine, why not hire a party bus and start the celebrations on the road?
  • A nightclub – Perhaps the most popular destination for a party bus and a great idea for a big birthday night out
  • Paintballing – usually a daytime activity that popular with bachelor parties.
  • Prom Night – an unconventional way that’s gaining steam with high school graduates, the party bus is replacing the limo as the ultimate prom night wheels!