When you’re planning a night out on the town, one of the most important things you need to consider is transportation. If you are planning on drinking some wine or spirits, you will be in no condition to drive. While you could call a cab, we have a better solution for you.

American Eagle Limousine offers a town car service that can take care of all your driving needs for the night. This service is available in the following areas:

  • Northern Virginia
  • West Virginia
  • Washington, DC
  • Maryland

If you’re traveling in one of these areas or are planning a night out, a town car service can meet all of your transportation needs. Today, we’re going to let you know why you should be using a town car service instead of a cab.

We’re Ready When You Are

One of the benefits of using a town car service is that you don’t have to wait for the next available ride. The American Eagle Limousine driver will be ready on your terms. If you want to visit several tourist attractions in one day or be taken to all the hottest events at night, a town car service is there when you need it.

When you call a cab, you will have to wait for the next available one. In some cases, this could mean that you’re waiting for over 30 minutes. On a rainy day or a cold night, this just won’t do. The driver for a town car service takes pride in being punctual. When you’re ready to go, they’re ready to take you.

Pay a Flat Rate

When you hire a town car service, there will be a flat rate that you pay for the time you rent the vehicle and driver. You will know what to expect before you go out so you can plan your budget accordingly. This also means that you can hit up several locations throughout your time, or just go through a leisurely drive through the countryside, without having to pay extra.

Now, if you were to call a cab to take you to each location, you would pay per trip. This can add up to be an expensive ride. Most cabs don’t offer a flat rate either and they charge you extra if they take a longer route. Unless you are familiar with the cab service, it’s unlikely you’ll know how much you have to pay ahead of time.

Comfort and Style

If you’re dressing up and going to a nice place, your ride should match that. The last thing you want is an old cab that smells like mildew and body odor taking you to a stylish function. Often, cabs don’t have high standards to meet for the comfort of the vehicles.

Town car services, on the other hand, strive to ensure their customers always ride comfortably. You will be picked up in a clean vehicle that smells fresh. This is because the drivers at American Eagle Limousine strive to keep their vehicles in pristine condition.

Responsible Drivers

We’re not saying cab drivers are irresponsible, as many professional cab drivers take their jobs seriously. But almost every person who uses cab services often has a scary story or two. From speeding in poor weather conditions to bursts of road rage, and even drivers that smell like alcohol, there are many reasons why people are hesitant about taking a cab service.

The town car service drivers at American Eagle Limousine are accountable for their behavior when they are driving. Their initiative is to ensure all passengers get to and from their destinations safely and in a timely manner. People can expect nothing but the most professional service from these drivers.

Trained and Ready to Serve

One thing that sets town car drivers apart from taxi and Uber drivers is the amount of training they have. American Eagle Limousine makes safety a priority. Every driver has gone through many extensive driving tests and is fully experienced with driving professional vehicles.

They have also made a point to become familiar with all of the areas they serve. This way passengers don’t have to worry about the driver getting lost or relying on them for directions. You will be able to sit back and enjoy the ride.

However, many people don’t get that luxury with cabs. If they are going on a route out of town the driver is unfamiliar with, they will rely on you for directions or worse, get lost. They may even have trouble finding the location to pick you up if they aren’t familiar with it, causing you to wait longer.

Final Thoughts

Planning your transportation for the day or night doesn’t have to give you a headache. A town car service is a reliable and stylish way to get around when you need to. Unlike cab services, a town car is working on your schedule. When you’re planning your next night out, don’t forget to plan your transportation. You won’t regret arranging a town car service.