The most important seven reasons why you need wedding limo transportation are setting the mood for the wedding, giving the bride room and providing photo opportunities. Plus, it’s practical transport for wedding guests, the bridal couple and the wedding party. Besides, it has the potential to save money and remove stress.

Certainly there are other reasons you can think of, but these are some of the most essential. Consider the points below to determine if getting limo transportation for your wedding will be a wise investment. But, as you will soon see, you can’t go wrong.


Overview of Reasons to Have a Wedding Limo

  1. Set the Tone ; Ambiance for the Wedding – projection of feel and mood is crucial
  2. Room for the Bride’s Dress – ideal for brides with big, round gowns
  3. Practical Transport for the Bridal Couple ; Party – excellent for transport to the wedding, reception and photos
  4. Practical Transport for Wedding Guests – convenient for honored guests, elderly relatives or others unfamiliar with the area
  5. Photo Opportunities – a great basis for pictures to capture the ambiance and tone of the day
  6. Money-Saving Potential – depending on who and how many you need to transport, this can be a time and money saver
  7. Stress Removal – you want to remove as much stress as possible; this is one way to do it

1. Set the Tone ; Ambiance for the Wedding

A limo is a great way to set the tone and ambiance you want to project for your big day. Not only does it provide panache and style, it’s also a posh way to set the bar to a luxurious standard. It’s classic, practical and sleek; giving you and your entourage a comfy ride to the nuptials and to the festivities.

Image and impressions are everything. Having a limo tote you and your newly significant other along with guests and the bridal party is most ideal.

2. Room for the Bride’s Dress

Let’s face it, a wedding isn’t a wedding unless a bride’s dress is flowing, graceful, full and ginormous. This means transport via a car won’t do. She simply won’t fit and, if she does, it will crush the delicate design of the gown.

Only a limo will provide the room and comfort a bride needs while gallivanting off to one of the most important days of her life. Plus, if she’s nervous (and most likely will be), having enough room to breathe and spread out will be crucial.

3. Practical Transport for the Bridal Couple ; Party

A professional chauffeur isn’t just classy, but it’s pragmatic too. Once the wedding ceremony ends, a limo is a perfect way to transport the bridal couple along with the wedding party to the reception. They can even stop off for some photos at an ideal location along the way while enjoying a sip of champagne.

4. Practical Transport for Wedding Guests

Depending on the plans and schedule of the wedding, a limo is a great way to transport guests. This is ideal for grandparents, parents or other honored relatives attending the wedding. They’ll get to all destinations safe and sound without having to worry about doling out directions to those who may or may not be familiar with the area.

5. Photo Opportunities

Plus, there’s always the added bonus of using the limo for photo opportunities in and out of the vehicle. And it doesn’t hurt that you can use the limo to stop at idealistic, picturesque, romantic and perfect spots. It’s the best way for capturing the tone and ambiance of the wedding in an image.

Photos are incredibly important. It means everyone in the limo can freshen up for the next shoot while the driver takes care of getting everyone there safely.

6. Money-Saving Potential

While many people believe that renting a limo for the whole day will be more expensive than it’s worth, this may not always be the case. When you consider the number of people you need to transport along with the wear-and-tear on your own vehicle, the cost-risk evaluation may be better in the interim.

7. Stress Removal

One of the top causes of accidents is due to people who drive stressed, tense and anxious. This is because the mind is elsewhere and not focused on the task at hand, which is operating a heavy piece of machinery in motion – a vehicle. Therefore, having an unbiased party, such as a limo driver, get to the various wedding locations will be much safer.

Limo drivers are trained, licensed and insured which means you’ll get a qualified professional to handle this very important detail. Besides, there are so many other things to worry about on your wedding day, driving shouldn’t’ be one of them.