When it comes to a good party it is hard to beat a party bus. We imagine that the idea hit your mind and you are already Googling ‘rent a party bus near me’ to book your bus and set the party ‘in stone’. There are a few considerations besides that ‘rent a party bus near me’ factor, however, and you want to plan accordingly so that your party is not a bust or a budget breaker.

Let’s talk about 7 tips for renting a party bus that can make all of the difference!

Party bus tips#1: How big a party bus do you need?

That ‘rent a party bus near me’ search surely brought up a lot of buses, but how big a bus do you need? Be sure to rent a party bus that is bigger than your initial estimate. Your friends might bring a friend each, for instance, or you might have last-minute invites.

The bottom line is that if you rent a party bus for 18 people and you end up with 25 then some folks are going to be disappointed. Rent a party bus that’s big enough to host the crazy kind of party that you have in mind!

Party bus tips#2: Always rent a party bus well in advance

Some dates are more popular than others, such as holidays or big game days. Be sure to rent a party bus well in advance. Also, keep in mind that party bus prices might be a little higher on holidays so you’ll have to factor this in to your overall budget.

Party bus tips#3: Plan your route well

Are you planning on seeing a game? What about a pub crawl, maybe with 4 or 5 pubs or clubs that you’ve planned to visit and contacted in advance so that you can ‘jump in line’ in exchange for the sudden 20-25 new customers?

You’ll want to plan your route meticulously and let your driver know in advance so that they can plot out the details for the route and share any suggestions or concerns. Your driver has done this many times and they might have a trick or two which you haven’t thought of, so be sure to listen up if they make any suggestions.

Party bus tips#4: Don’t forget munchies and drinks

Your average party bus rental is around 8 hours and so you are going to want to make sure that you’ve got snacks, unless you want a group of angry partiers to end up cursing your name! Arranging snacks is easy, most party buses offer catering options that can help to keep the party snackin’, drinking, and rolling.

Party bus tips#5: Approximate your costs in advance as best as possible

Usually for a party bus everyone chips in a little to make it happen in advance, but you are going to need to have a target number in mind. Approximate the costs as exactly as you can, including anticipated fees, and then just setup a GoFundMe with a ‘Party Bus target’ amount and watch it go.

Just be careful in your inquiries so that you don’t get any surprises.

Party bus tips#6: Your party will go on longer than you think

The biggest surprise you are likely to get is not really so much of a surprise. People like a good party to go on longer. About 90% of the parties will go over by half an hour and around 25% of them go on an extra hour and a half!

Plan in advance for this. Have faith in your partly and when things get epic you’ll have made sure in advance that everyone gets to party a little longer thanks to your excellent planning.

Party bus tips#7: Party buses — rentals near me

Finally, now that you know if you need a 25 person or even a 48 person party bus then it’s time to shop around. Be sure to read reviews whenever possible and if you’ve planned in advance then you’ve got time to see one of the buses that you’ve been renting.

Just stick to these 7 tips and trick and choose your bus carefully and you’ll soon be experiencing a party that everyone will remember – as an epic WIN!