Every government and state business must go through vendors for the services they need. Finding the right vendors does not have to be difficult, either. At American Eagle Limousine, we offer transportation to all government and state businesses. We are proud to help these businesses to have the necessary transportation regardless of reason, location, or destination in the area. We can help you to get to your desired destination in a timely manner thanks to our high quality, clean, comfortable, and inviting vehicles. You will keep up the appearance expected of you when working directly with the government. It is an invaluable service for all.

The use of  vendors is commonplace and necessary when you work as a government business. Government and state businesses should always check with these vendors before looking into other options. As a  vendor, we know that doing so is always a step in the right direction. Vendors have high standards to meet to qualify as vendors. We make sure to meet every one of the standards and expectations placed. We will provide you with unrivaled excellence in your ride. No matter how far you are going or how many people are accompanying you, you can trust us to get you to your location.

Benefits of Our Services

  • Quick, easy transportation
  • Professional staff
  • Reliability
  • Dedication to the clients.
  • Timely service
  • Lower cost

These are some of the advantages of choosing us for your transportation. This is a far better option to take than attempting to drive yourself or using another service. You have more to gain from using us as your source of transportation, regardless of starting point and destination. We will help you to make your way to your destination quickly and comfortably with as few concerns as possible.

~ What Our Customers Say ~

This company made my birthday so special! Every one of my guests including myself had an amazing tme! Our driver was very professional and easy to get in touch with! The bus was truly amaxing and fun! We went to Ultra bar in dc and everyone thought the bus was the best part! I have already recommended this company to someone else for his 21st birthday and would do it again!

Why Are We The Best ?


As your go-to service, you can gain the most from your transportation. All government and state businesses can travel with ease and in leisure without having to worry about the growing costs and concerns generally associated with outside services. You have a team that understands the unique needs of government and state businesses as well as knowledge of what a  vendor should do for all clients. We are here to help you with all transportation needs and to make sure that you make it to your destination in a high quality, reliable vehicle.