You only get one day a year to throw a birthday party, so why not make it epic?

When you’re birthday comes around, it’s a night you’ll want to celebrate. This isn’t an ordinary night out on the town, it’s a big event and you’ll likely want to share the fun with all the people you love. If your big event has more people than can fit in your personal car, you should consider a limo or party bus.

Spend Your Birthday on a Party Bus With American Eagle Limo

American Eagle Limo has several custom party buses and exquisite limos that you can rent for your birthday. Whether you’re just hitting up a couple of venues with a close group of friends or having an unforgettable celebration with everyone in your social circle, American Eagle Limo has your transportation needs covered.

Currently, this 5-star limo and party bus organization offers services in cities throughout:

  • District of Columbia
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia
  • Maryland

These limos and party buses set the right atmosphere to keep the party going all night. They have been designed to be comfortable, stylish, and have all the luxuries you need for the best birthday bash. This also includes your own personal driver for the evening who is ready to make sure you have a good experience.

Are you ready to plan a birthday party using a limo or party bus service? Let’s take a look at how to plan the perfect night.

What Do You Want To Do?

Before you rent a party bus or limo, you’ll need to determine where you are going. What venues would you like to stop at on the night of your birthday? This will help you plan out an itinerary.

This way, you will be able to make a schedule to give to the driver. Your guests will be picked up on time and you’ll make it to your destinations without having to rush.

Try to have as much detail as possible into your plans for the evening. This way, American Eagle Limo will be able to give your itinerary a review, plan out the best possible route and how much mileage it will be, and give you a price quote.

How Big is Your Crowd?

Knowing how many people are coming is essential for choosing the right size of the vehicle to rent. Try your best to have your guest list sorted out and confirmed before you book a limo or party bus. American Eagle Limo has several sizes to choose from to accommodate any size of party.

Each limo and party bus has enough room to fit a few extra last-minute guests if some people forget to RSVP. However, it will make a huge difference in how your planning goes if you know how many people will be coming before you book.

Many guests like to bring refreshments and snacks onto the limos and party buses. It’s also common to request decorations for special events, like birthdays. Not only is it important to know your guest list for determining the size of vehicle, but you also want to order enough goodies to keep everyone happy.

Limo vs Party Bus- Which One Should You Book?

Once you know where you are going and how many people you are bringing, you need to make the big decision. Do you rent a limo or a party bus? American Eagle Limo service has a variety of both to make it easier to find the perfect ride for the night.

When You Should Choose a Limo

A limo is a luxurious transportation method that will add to your birthday evening. There is a certain layer of elegance that comes along with riding in a limo. You will feel like the main star at any venue you are dropped off and picked up at. A limo is an excellent choice if you are keeping your crowd on the smaller side.

When You Should Choose a Party Bus

With a party bus, as long as you’re on board, there’s no pause to the party. These buses are designed to keep the fun going and provide the right atmosphere for it. There are speakers, TV screens, and a dance floor to make sure you can have a good time. Party buses are a great option when you have a bigger guest list to accommodate.

Enjoy Your Birthday!

Once your limo or party bus is booked for the evening, you’ll need to let your guests know about the whens and wheres of the night.

Now, all you have to do is get ready and enjoy your big night. American Eagle Limo will ensure you arrive safely and on time. They will also be available to pick you up and take you to the next destination without making you wait around.