Many people looked for a limo car for rolling an extravagant party on wheels. But, with the advent of limo bus rentals in Washington DC, this time has gone away now. People consider it to be the next level in entertainment, transportation, and fun. Every kind of amenity and comfort of a limo car is offered by a limo bus, which is upgraded by a larger and more versatile space. It actually is a larger van or a bus and you can think of it as a nightclub on wheels. But, just like any other thing, limo buses also holds its own pros and cons. Take a look.

The Pros of Limo Bus Rentals


Although expensive then a limo car, you must consider limo buses that can accommodate twice as many people as a limo car can. But, if you are splitting the rental cost among the member attending the event, then you will easily be to save money for the limo bus.


You can get a plenty of amenities in a limo bus that you may not get in the limo car. These include a splendid sound system, LED screen, disco lights, a dance floor, minibar, and washroom. All these amenities in a limo bus outweigh those found in a limo car, thus allowing you to have an extravagant party while on the move.

More Space

You must hire a limo bus when you want to throw a party to a large group of people. You can hire from a range of spacious fleets that can comfortably accommodate from 20- 40 people. Moreover, you would not have to compromise on the amenities. Each limo bus includes all of the standard amenities so that you can party in style.


Just as done in the case of a limo car, the limo buses also maintain the element of privacy. You will have a private space in the back where you can comfortably party your way. The windows of the bus are tinted and there is a separate space for the driver where he sits alone and drives with full concentration.

The Cons of Limo Bus Rentals


The relaxed atmosphere inside the huge limo buses can result in clashing.  But, the chances of such mishaps are quite a few as the buses are driven by well trained professional chauffeurs.


Because of the large size of party buses, navigating around certain streets can be a little tough.

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