It may seem like sitting comfortably in a limo is all about the fancy built-in bar or swanky leather seats. In fact, those are some pretty compelling reasons to want to rent a limo for your special event. You and your friends get to ride in style and enjoy the night without a care in the world, drinking champagne and having a ball.

But there are some other, more practical reasons for renting a limo that you may not have considered, like not having to worry about parking or who is going to be the designated driver for the night.

So let’s review all the great reasons why renting a limo makes sense for making your event perfect and worry-free.

No Distracted Driving in a Party Bus

You’ve spent hours if not weeks planning your special event, and now the hour has finally come to relax and be in the moment. Except, now you find yourself driving six people to your destination spot. While everyone else is talking and having fun, you’re stuck driving and missing out.

That’s happened to all of us at one time or another. So let’s rewind this scenario back to the planning stage. Only this time, you decide to investigate limos for rent and make the very excellent choice to rent a limo for your big day.

Fast forward back to the day of, and you and six of your best friends are in the back of a plush limousine, laughing, talking, texting, listening to music, and maybe even enjoying a cocktail. All in comfort and safety while your driver takes care of the, well, driving!

Limo Services Reduce Stress

Organizing a big event can be very stressful, and on the big day, that stress gets magnified tenfold as you worry about every detail being perfect.

Driving while you are already stressed isn’t a great idea. A limo service picking you up and delivering you to your destination will cut down on your stress and prevent things like road rage while driving to your event. Don’t let traffic or other drivers ruin your day, or worse, get you in an accident.

No Directions Necessary

A common reason to hire a limo service is never having to worry about getting lost. This is especially true for out-of-town guests who are unfamiliar with an area or wine tours where you find yourself out on long, winding, unfamiliar country roads.

Limo drivers know exactly where they are going and what all the alternate routes are should there be unexpected traffic along the way. You won’t need to rely on spotty GPS or a back seat driver telling you to turn left when you should’ve turned right.

Party Busses Keep Everyone Together

How often have you tried to coordinate a large group only to find that no matter how many reminders you sent out about the time and place, you are still the only one there waiting while everyone else shows up twenty, thirty, and forty minutes late?

Car trouble, traffic, or just slow getting out the door are all familiar reasons why people may be late to your event.

Your limo driver picks each party member up at their front door, making sure you all show up at your shindig at the same time. So no one gets left out, and no one is left waiting around.

Rockstar Parking

Without a limo to get you to your event, you could be driving around for what feels like hours trying to find a parking spot. And once you find a parking spot, having to walk ten blocks in the rain and in uncomfortable high heels is not going to put you in a good mood.

By the time you reach your destination, you are late and stressed, and not happy.

With a limo service, you show up, and your driver drops you off. Ready to go home? Your driver picks you up at the front door. You are transported to rockstar status!

No Time is Wasted Time in the Back of a Party Bus

Even a party bus can get stuck in traffic from time to time. The difference is when you are a passenger in a party bus stuck in traffic, you are hanging with your friends, sipping some champagne, listening to your favorite tunes, and having a great time.

The party has already started, whether you’ve made it to the ballroom or not!

Your Car is Safe At Home

When your car is safe at home, you don’t need to be thinking about whether you parked in a safe spot. Or, is there enough lighting around? Or, did you remember to take all the valuables out before you left?

Party busses take all the worry out of your night.

No Drinking and Driving

Don’t let your special evening get ruined by a DUI or an accident. Drinking and driving is a serious offense. Let your limo driver be your designated driver for the evening so you can relax and have a great time.

The alternatives are you, or one of your friends doesn’t get to imbibe and join in the fun, or you’re stuck with an unpredictable and unfriendly Uber driver.

Everyone in a Limo is a VIP

All your friends and family will be treated like royalty from pick up to drop off when you use a limo service. Your limo driver is a professional, and it’s his job to get your posse to and from your event safely and in style.

Sign Me Up for a Party Bus Near Me

Any excuse is a good excuse to rent a limo, a bachelor party, a girls’ night out, or a 21st birthday party all fit the bill. However, what people don’t always take into consideration are the more practical benefits of renting a limo for your big day.

Not having to drive, not worrying about parking, not worrying about your friends finding the right venue — a limo rental will take care of all these problems for you so you can sit back and soak in the fun.