Are you looking forward to getting back out on the town after being stuck at home for so long? You deserve to have fun on your big night out, which means sitting back and enjoying the luxuries. The last thing you need to worry about is how you are going to get around.

Your night out is all about fun, so your transportation should be just as enjoyable as the rest of your evening. If you want your night out to be one to remember, then it needs to start by stepping foot on a party bus.

Wasting money on taxi services that don’t care about your schedule is a thing of the past. A party bus is all about you and your night out on the town. Today, we’re going to discuss 5 of the reasons why you should book a party bus for your next night in the town. Let’s take a look at why this is the only option you should consider.


#1- Party Bus Drivers Put Safety First

When alcohol is involved, you should never be behind the wheel. However, many people don’t feel comfortable with certain forms of public transportation. This can have people skeptical about who they choose for public transportation, especially when there are so many awful stories about people feeling like they aren’t safe in a taxi cab.

Taxi drivers make money by how many customers they are able to service. This often leads them to drive over the speed limit and get aggressive with other drivers on the road. We know this doesn’t speak for all cab drivers, but these situations have made people more skeptical about using their services, especially at night,

At American Eagle Limo, all the drivers have taken defensive driving courses and are experienced in driving in the area. They don’t rush or cut corners to make the trip go quicker. Your safety is their number 1 priority. Party bus drivers are also more respectful to their clients, so there are no uncomfortable situations.

#2- Party Bus Drivers Are All Yours For the Night

Dinner, a show, then drinks at the club. That sounds like a fun night, doesn’t it? Going from location to location means you will need reliable transportation that is running on your schedule. If you were to call a cab for each of these journeys, you could wait anywhere from a couple of minutes to a couple of hours, depending on how busy they are.

On a cold or rainy night, do you really want to be stuck outside waiting for a ride to show up? Of course not, and you don’t have to when you book a party bus. The party bus driver is working on your schedule for the evening you have them booked. Whether you have several destinations to attend or just want to ride around the town, they will take you.

#3- Party Buses Have Room For All

Having a night on the town with all of your friends is always fun until you have to figure out how everyone will get there. Even a taxi van only accommodates a handful of people. There are several different sizes of party buses at American Eagle Limo, which allows people to arrange a bus that’s right for their party.

One of the most exciting aspects of renting a party bus is that you get to enjoy the ride with your friends. Unlike other transportation methods, you don’t have to sit down and buckle up. Instead, you can interact with your friends and enjoy the ride as much as you’re enjoying the evening.

#4- Party Buses Are More Affordable

Believe it or not, a party bus is one of the most affordable transportation methods for a group outing. You are not paying per mileage or stops like you would with a cab. There is a flat rate that is set for the evening, so you can prepare for the cost ahead of the evening.

When you rent a party bus, you can divide the cost up by everyone who attends to make it more affordable. It will end up being more affordable than paying for cab rides to each different spot.

#5- The Party Continues in the Party Bus

A party bus isn’t your average school bus. There are a lot of luxuries that help you keep the party going while you’re traveling. Enjoy some music and have fun on the dance floor, just like you would at the club. There is also mood lighting to make sure it feels like a real party.

Why should you have to sit quietly on your big night out? Enjoy the party on an American Eagle Limo party bus. They can be booked in the following areas:

  • Prince William County
  • Loudon County
  • Arlington
  • Prince George’s County
  • Alexandria
  • Montgomery County
  • Fairfax County
  • Washington DC
  • Baltimore MD
  • Fredrick MD