Driving around DC can be a nightmare. Sometimes, it may feel like your only alternative is to hire a cab driver, which is often less than ideal. Although cab drivers may get you to the location, the prices can be unexpected, and the drivers can be downright terrible.

One alternative is to hire a town car service instead. It’s no doubt that town car services are classier than cab drivers, but there are legitimate financial and safety reasons why you should select a town car service instead.

In fact, there are five reasons in total why you should select a car town service over a cab. Keep reading to learn about these five reasons.

1.      Fixed Costs

One of the first factors anyone thinks about when deciding on a mode of transport is cost. Many individuals do not consider a town car service because they believe that the pricing will be more difficult or more expensive than that of a cab driver. This is not the case.

When you hire a cab, you will end up paying a lot more money for longer distances and any additional services, such as loading or unloading your luggage. With a town car service, you can select all-inclusive pricing so that you get a fixed cost relating to your wait times, and anything else.

These fixed costs make town car services a lot easier to pay for. Plus, you get your money’s work since the pricing is all-inclusive.

2.      Experienced Drivers

In places like DC and New York City where cabs are common, practically everyone has a nightmare story about a cab driver. From poor hygienics to grumpy service to even bad driving, cab drivers are often inexperienced, which can lead to unsatisfactory transportation.

Whenever you select a town car service, you can trust that you have an experienced driver who knows how to drive safely and which roads are the shortest and safest. In other words, your entire transportation experience will be completely safe.

More so, town car drivers are more than just drivers. They offer increased hospitality so that the transportation experience is more than safe. It is enjoyable too.

3.      Reliability

Nothing is worse than contacting a cab service just to have a cab never show. Whether you need to get to work or to a lunch date, it’s imperative that your car service is reliable and gets you to the location when they say they will.

Town car services offer some of the most reliable means of transportation. The drivers will be there to pick you up when needed, and their experience means that you can rely on the drivers to get you to your destination on time as well.

4.      Cleanliness

Now more than ever, cleanliness is imperative to alternative means of transportation. Unfortunately, cab services do not often offer superior cleanliness. Because of how many people see the services and the lack of experience from the drivers, cabs can be downright disgusting.

Town car services have always put extreme care into the cleanliness of their vehicle. Now, even more efforts are used to ensure that you get the cleanest vehicle possible. This can help you, your family members, and friends stay safe and healthy.

5.      Increased Comfort

Finally, the last advantage of selecting a town car service over a cab is the increased comfort. Town car services are known for offering comfortable seats and amenities to ensure your comfort is well taken care of. In contrast, cabs are designed just to get you from one location to the next.

As a result, car town services create an experience that you can depend on and enjoy. Since you are in the car so frequently, you might as well select a transportation method that isn’t just reliable at getting you to the destination but that is comfortable as well.