There’s no doubt about it, whether you’re looking for a party bus to get you and your friends to a wedding or a music concert they make for a fun night. By keeping the party together it’s more convenient as guests don’t split up over the course of the day/night and it will usually work out cheaper than separate taxis.

What types of buses are there?

Well, they come in many styles, sizes, and colors! You can go full luxury or choose something simple depending on your event.

Typically, they’re considered “small” if they have 30 seats or less, “medium” if they have 50 seats or less, and a “full-sized tour bus” can have up to 60 seats. With these options, you are bound to find something perfect for your friends or guests.

There are also buses that can be your party venue and not just your ride. These are basically a huge van or bus that is its very own compact nightclub. They can be fitted out with a bathroom, sound system, dance floor, bar, adjustable lighting, and TVs.

If you’re looking to spend the night partying in a bus like this and it’s not just for transport they can fit up to 40 people.

What are the average party bus prices?

There are a number of factors that will impact how much you pay. Of course, size is one and then the other important consideration is if you choose plush or something like a transit van which will literally get you all from A-Z but with no fancy lighting, bar stations, or dancing podiums, etc.

It works out cheaper per hour if you hire one for a full day, rather than by the hour. This can be a great option if you’re visiting vineyards or planning on spending a full day out and about. If you’re just looking for a lift to a concert or reunion for you and your friends you’ll probably only need it by the hour or half-day.

It will also depend on where you live and how many miles away your party or destination is. If it’s a busy time of year or during a festive season you can expect to pay more and you will need to book in advance so you don’t miss out.

Where do I find party busses for rent?

You’ll find they’re available to rent in most cities but there will be more options available in larger places. The simplest way to find out your options is to do a Google search and make sure you include your city or location in it.