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Why We Are The Best?

Our Company Mission

American Eagle Limousine and Limo Bus aims to provide the best possible transportation to all travelers in the Washington DC Metro area by providing an unequaled level of service that stresses safety, reliability and comfort. In order to achieve our mission, American Eagle Limousine and Limo Bus has consistently recruited the most experienced drivers in the industry. We conduct scheduled vehicle inspections and driver training programs to ensure that each of our passengers travel safely and securely when using our service. Our limousines are detailed and cleaned meticulously, your order is reviewed, and the limousine is stocked to your specifications. Your route will be checked and alternate routes will be on hand in the event of traffic issues or accidents. Nothing is left to chance.

Our Promise

Our promise is to provide the highest quality transportation service to our clients. We will continually enhance the skills and abilities of our team in an effort to constantly improve our already high level of customer service and client satisfaction. We believe that with the proper placement and training our team will be skilled, efficient, and professional; thereby creating an atmosphere conducive to providing outstanding service to our clients. It is our duty to exceed business goals and expectations in order to deliver only the highest quality service.

Our Principles

American Eagle Limousine and Limo Bus maintains principles that all of our employees, chauffeurs and network partners are familiar with and follow. The relationship between the provider of the services and the client is marked by directness, honesty, discretion, respect, reliability, professionalism, and gentleness. Quality is our top priority, in all areas of our work. Our extensive list of repeat customers is a sure sign of the quality of service we provide. We support the continuing education of our employees, thus ensuring our long term competence. Our executive leaders are not above the team, they are a part of it and create the best possible conditions for the team to succeed.