Turkey dinners, candied yams, stuffing, cranberries, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie and gatherings of family & friends! Yes, Thanksgiving Day is around the corner. All of these aspects are very commonly associated with the yearly celebration of Thanksgiving. In America, this day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. This day originated as a harvest festival and is celebrated to give thanks for the year’s harvest. It is a national holiday and is a day usually celebrated together with family and close friends. Dining together with entire family and best buddies is a ritual for this day of the year.

A special Thanksgiving meal is prepared with a variety of cuisines and of course, a roasted and stuffed turkey featured on the meal table. This day is therefore referred to as Turkey Day. Mostly, the Thanksgiving dinner begins by saying grace or a prayer before dining. But before that, each person at the table announces a reason for which they felt thankful to God in that year. Different parades, American football, and various other sports events also occur on this day of the year making the celebrations magnificent.

A combination of preparing that perfect meal, along with a stressful schedule and the hefty traffic can interfere with the Thanksgiving celebrations. You can and must book a party bus rental this thanksgiving and bypass all such nonsense. You can simply enjoy each and every moment together with your loved ones.

Enjoy the Parades and football on Thanksgiving Day

Well parades are the most obvious things that come to mind very automatically during Thanksgiving. You can witness an exceptional time in Washington DC during the holiday season. You can enjoy the floats, a Tree Lighting Ceremony, music, and fun on the Annual Holiday Parade commencing on the grounds of Market Street and Freedom Drive. Also visit another Thanksgiving Parade in the Entertainment District. Beginning at around 10 in the morning, you will find the streets filled with the bands, animals, marching performers, and dancers.

Along with parades you can also enjoy soccer game especially organized for Thanksgiving. Travel to the AT&T Stadium where the Redskins meet the Cowboys under the bright lights on Turkey Day and cheer for your favorite team. The party bus will be the most cheerful means of transportation on this Thanksgiving.  You can relax, sing and dance, sip on some red wine and munch your favorite snacks with your loved ones. Leave the driving on the chauffeur to escort you safely to your destination.

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